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In this episode we chat to Bernard Aylward, CEO of…


In this episode we chat to Bernard Aylward, CEO of Kodal Minerals, a junior explorer with a primary focus on the immediate exploration and definition of the lithium mineralisation at the Bougouni Project in southern Mali. The Company also holds a highly prospective suite of gold assets in West Africa.


  • Learning and development should be sought out and accepted wherever possible, Mining is all about the personal journey and what we can take from it.
  • Discovery and exploration are the driving forces behind Kodal’s values. It is focussed upon West Africa, and devoted to being a valuable asset in the green energy revolution.
  • West Africa is attractive to junior explorers due to its success when it comes to results. Places such as Ghana are turning into world leaders when it comes to gold.
  • A significant expense of the production process is in the transportations side, as well as the refining process, including concentration.


‘It’s an opportunity to join the green energy revolution’

‘It’s a clearly pro-mining, pro-development country’

‘Gold is a mainstay for many West African companies’

‘You’ve got really prospective geology in West Africa’


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Kodal Minerals – https://kodalminerals.com/the-company/board-management/


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