37 accidents, 33 fatalities, 27 injuries first two months of 2024

The mining sector experienced a total of 37 incidents resulting…

The mining sector experienced a total of 37 incidents resulting in 33 fatalities and 27 serious injuries during the first two months of 2024, according to official statistics.

Of the 33 fatalities reported, 15 were attributed to fall-of-ground incidents, 8 resulted from shaft accidents, 5 were classified as sundry incidents while gassing and blasting incidents each accounted for 3 fatalities. Hoist rope failure, slippery ground, TAT (tracking and tramming), fall from height, and accidental detonation incidents each contributed to a single fatality.

The fall-of-ground incidents occurred at the following mines: Gold Fields (2 fatalities, 2 accidents), Rosa J (1 fatality), Atlas 11 (1 fatality), Jim 6 (2 fatalities), Bibibi 3 (1 fatality), Peace Mine (1 fatality), Cambridge Mining Syndicate (1 fatality), J&M Mining Syndicate (1 fatality), Master Cecil (2 fatalities), Dalny Mine (2 fatalities), Imperani 7 (2 fatalities), Black Bird North (0 fatalities, 1 serious accident), Mimosa Mine (0 fatalities, 1 serious accident), and Haygold Nee (1 fatality).

In January, Mashonaland Central province recorded a total of 3 fatalities (Gold Fields and Rosa J Mine), while in February, the province recorded 1 fatality (Botha Mine).

Mashonaland West recorded 1 fatality and four serious injuries in January (Rondor 8 Mine, Whitewash 42 & 43, Ascot Mine, Brompton Mine) and in February, the province recorded 8 fatalities and 3 serious injuries (Cam and Motor, Dalny Mine, One Step 16, Imperani 7, Makona, Trafalgar 119, Alladin, Elvington Mine).

Matabeleland South reported 2 fatalities in January (Atlas 11 and Vumbachikwe) and 1 fatality in February (New Eclipse Central Mine).

Midlands recorded 7 fatalities in January (Jim 6 Mine, Tibilikwe 5 Mine, Bibibi 3 Mine, Nkomo Mine, Peace Mine), and in February, the province recorded 5 fatalities and 1 serious injury (Chengxie Mine, By Chance Mine, Charcoal 17 Mine, Mimosa Mine, Gwandamadhuvu Mine, Haygold Nee Mine).

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Mashonaland East reported 2 fatalities in January (Cambridge Mining Syndicate and JM Mining Syndicate) 1 fatality and 18 serious injuries in February (Acturus Gold Syndicate, MJ Mining Syndicate, Beatrice Mine).

Matabeleland North reported 2 fatalities from Master Cecil Mine in January and zero incidents in February.

Manicaland did not report any incidents during the first two months of the year, according to the report.

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