2021 February in Review

2021 January

2021 February in Review
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  • Newmont overcomes Covid-19 challenges to complete Musselwhite gold mine work
  • Kerr Mines and Star Royalties reach an agreement over a £13.6 million streaming deal
  • Nova gains rights to loyalties on Antofagasta’s Twin Metals Plans
  • Bull Moves Analysts Just Upgraded these 3 Hot Stocks
  • Nominations for the 2021 Peter Munk and Eira Thomas Awards are Now Open
  • DNR, Mesabi Metallics seek mineral lease changes
  • Minnesota voters have demonstrated that clean water and the Boundary Waters is a critical issue
  • US coking coal relaxed amidst Biden Presidency
  • U.S. investigators were told to take ‘no further action’ on Caterpillar, ex-client of Barr
  • Solar-to-battery storage system planned for Grand Rapids
  • Once booming, sand mines shuttered
  • Innovative new jumbo and bolter utilize the common platform, an industry first
  • Rockwell Automation releases DCS for plant operations
  • Covid-19 hits drilling contractor’s bottom line
  • Here Is How Robots Are Revolutionizing Mining

  • China launches coal safety checks
  • Perth could become a mining finance center
  • Is there an opportunity to build back South Africa’s mining industry?
  • Mothballed NT iron ore mines reopen amid soaring demand for steel in China
  • Barrick does not want to get involved in PNG political tension
  • Hearst-area mining company has a strategy to contain the spread of Covid-19
  • The US, Norwegian investors pressure SBI over a loan to Adani mine in Australia
  • As more countries pledge zero emissions, coal finance evaporates
  • Minerals and metals demand recovery in 2021
  • Rare earth mining can be done safely, says the researcher

  • November 2020 crude steel production
  • World steel announces steel challenge-15 Finalists

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