2020 September in Review

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    • Fatal Falls in the mining world is on the rise
    • Sandvik is set to hold an Innovation in Mining event online
    • US Steel industry suffers the loss of nearly $600 million
    • Hibbing Taconite will resume pellet production in early August
    • The First Shipment of Iron Ore was 136 years ago
    • Mineral Plans in the NANA region has been affected due to Covid-19
    • Underground seepage emanating from Minntac will have to be subjected to regulations
    • Inmarsat reveals how satellite IoT is affecting mining
    • DFL Duluth Senate early stage is a “Race of Consequences” escalated by mining divisions


    • SASOL uses explosives to launch Enaex Africa with Chilean group
    • Utilizing precision surface mining in the bauxite mine of Africa
    • Future-proof wireless connectivity can help to enhance digitized mining
    • De Beers will cut jobs due to the Covid-19 crisis
    • Zyfra opts to use 5G on mining dump trucks in Russia
    • Nazomi Networks aims to expand cybersecurity for digital mining
    • Surface Miner will be used to achieve environmentally sustainable ore extraction


    • MPUC offers an increase to the deadline of the Minnesota Powers Integrated Resource Plan
    • Oren Marketplace aims to scale AI in AI Intensive fields
    • Poland to reduce coal mining due to rise in Covid-19 cases
    • Komatsu Autonomous Haul System Gets Its 3 billionth Metric Ton Moved
    • BASF helps to develops AI-Powered smart mining
    • Reports: Indonesia increases its mining value
    • Stakeholders set a price upon mining initiative of Government


    • June 2020 crude steel production
    • Iron Ore In April 2020


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