2020 November in Review

2020 November in Review


  • S. Steel loses $589million
  • BHB betrays international safety efforts
  • Mid-season shipping update amidst the current pandemic
  • Council of Ely allows IRRR funding for Piragis
  • Copper rally could prompt Mount Polley to restart
  • What Does Steel Megadeal Mean For Minnesota?
  • US bank to provide £19.3m in funding for UK’s TechMet
  • Researchers produce magnetic ‘Fool’s gold’
  • Fatigue Science launches 14-Day Fatigue Forecasting solution


  • ABB and UWA join to realize the future of digital mines
  • BHP finalizes its first blockchain iron-ore trade with China Baowu
  • Epiroc reports successful winter trial for EVs
  • Mining efficiencies via a range of digitalization solutions
  • Chile demands protection for its mineworkers in light of Covid-19
  • South Africa’s COSATU leads union protests over coronavirus impact
  • Future-proof wireless connectivity can improve digitalized mining
  • Vale CFO confirms iron ore production target
  • Zyfra does a trial of 5G on autonomous mining dump trucks in Russian territory
  • Laser Mining the light at the end of the tunnel?


  • 350 retrenched due to closing of Alabama mine
  • First Energy Metal will obtain control over gold exploration territory in Canada
  • Clear information on Poland’s coal mine closures by 2049: two-state thermal coal companies only
  • Gauging the mining industries response to the Covid-19 disaster
  • Dalian iron ore futures set for 6th monthly gain amid strong steel demand
  • Emesent achieves ‘industry first’ flight with DJI drone
  • Don’t Worry the world is a long, long way from running out of gold
  • Equatorial Guinea and Russia kick off a historic geological mapping project
  • Britain cancels proposals for new coal mine in the Northeast of England
  • Mining county asks lawmakers for open meetings law exemption
  • Worley aims to assist miners on their aims to create underground mining change


  • September 2020 crude steel production
  • The 11th Steelie Award winners announced

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